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*takes out the broom and dusting pan* [24 Apr 2003|11:44pm]
'Tis time for Spring Cleaning with my friends list.If you see this entry,the other friends list cleaning entry and my friends only entry you have been removed.Sorry,but I have my reasons for doing this and they don't need to be stated publically...please take me off your friends list.

Cleaning out my friends list [17 Mar 2003|07:24pm]
Sorry,I'm cleaning out my friends list.I don't like having people on my list who never respond to my entries,who's entries I skim over,or who I don't feel a connection of friendship towards.

Would the following people please take me off their lists:
auburnchica2001, lightndark,joycelene,rainingcoffee,dashing_desire
Thank you.

Friends Only [09 Feb 2003|04:38pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Sorry,but my journal is "Friends Only".Please comment if you add me.I don't check my userinfo much to see whether people added me or not.I'm kinda picky about the people on my friends list so sometimes I will immediately add someone,sometimes I will read their lj abit then add them and sometimes I will use some other method such as chat.

The rules that I have to my journal that you should know about are:
-I like people who respond occassionally to my entries.I like to know people are reading my entries and have something to say or care about what I write.I'm the type who likes small stuff like responses.
-I like to chat with people so if you don't comment chat with me at least.
And I think that's it.Not much is it?

You know how fine print is usually the important stuff that you look over,well,this is important.
Someone once asked me what I look for in livejournal. And the best answer I could come up with was a connection to the people who read my livejournal.This journal has private matters in it so I don't want everybody and their grandmother's reading this.I can be picky sometimes and sometimes the pickyness wins over the levelheaded side of me so names come off my list. In my experience I can tell shortly after someone has friended me and had a chat with them or read their entries if there is a connection or not,sometimes but very rarely it takes awhile,but when is awhile long enough to realize it's not working?That's when my picky side wins over.

I will say that because I am a college student and human there will be points where I don't want to comment,respond to comments or do an entry,it's normal. I really really really dislike it when people unfriend me because of that.So if you are one of those people do not add me.I haven't forgotten who has unfriended me because of this.

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