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faithinthestars's Journal

Something About Cherry
27 September
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The point of a bio is so an outsider can get small taste of what a person is like without reading their journal. It lets them see the type of person they are through what they say about themselves so someone who reads their userinfo may have an easier time deciding whether or not they want to read furthermore about the person or not.This is me...

I feel like being different with my bio,I hate reading the same old things when I check out other people's bios and even their layouts.Sorry people with swirlies and stars in their layouts those are too overused.I'm somewhat all about being original.I don't like being like everyone else which can scare some people and make them think of me as weird.But I'm not weird at all,I'm just unique and spontaneous and unlike the norm.I'm not a freak either by saying that I am not like the norm,I'm me.There's no one else out there that's 100% like me and I like that. I'm sorry if speaking my mind makes people think weird of me. I hate how in this country sex is such a bad word,ooo I said sex...get the etiquette police on me.I use to be so uptight about the word,being embarassed if I heard it and not daring to mention it anywhere...think a 1920's woman.Somehow with the openess of friends and acquaintances they got me comfortable around the word along with doing a debate on condom distribution and I have never really been the same since around the topic.You know what's even more different about me?I love my body.Damn right! I don't want to be one of those women who constantly calls myself fat all my life.I want to live a life that doesn't revolve around the disgust I have towards my body.It's real.It's curvacious.It's a size 8*cackles*.See,I love my body.The way this country is or more so the advertising industry who brainwashes us is they make a real woman seem fat and ugly which is not true at all. When I look at models I can see the computer tricks that have been done to them and I know they are not real and looking at some of their bodies they look like they haven't even hit puberty yet. I wish some women saw their bodies the same way as me then they could pay attention to more important matters in their lives rather than complaining about their bodies which are fine just the way they are.

I guess I should go into the basics now...My name is Cheryl, but online friends call me "Cherry". I'm 18,my birthday is up above,and I live in San Diego,California and I have all my life. I'm a freshmen at a community college where I am taking classes to hopefully allow me admission into a Practical Nursing Program in Canada. My boyfriend lives in Canada so I want to go live there for the rest of my life. I don't care if it's boring there I just want to be with him. I have lived all my life in the States and my boyfriend has given his all to me which I would like to give back by moving there.That's not the only reason why I want to move there because living here doesn't really fulfill me anymore I'm bored living here and tired of being apart from somebody who truly loves me.Sure my parents and family and friends love me,but they rarely pay any attention to me.To them I am like a wallflower going unnoticed all the time.

Speaking about my boyfriend,we have been together for one year and 8 months. We met online in February of 2001 and have met in real life for long visits.He lives in Nova Scotia,Canada and means the world to me because without him I would be in a deep dark hole they call Depression.Our relationship is like a roller coaster.It has its high and low points.There are times where I am scared to death.Times where I just want to get off and times where I am having the time of my life and never want it to end. We have both changed eachother for the better with the type of people we are.He use to think he would never have a girlfriend,I use to think I would never love again and we both proved eachother wrong.I made him a better person just like he's made me a better one as well which leads up to the kind of person I am.

Although what I said earlier is a snidbit of a description of me, of course there is more. I am a recovering pessimist so reading my entries you may see me go through one of my down times but slowly recover from it.Consider that a warning of what you may see,I don't want people thinking I am psycho and removing me from their lists because of this,read it over again if you have to.I'm a student of life learning what I can from it and moving on from mistakes,not looking back. I can have a short temper and when I am upset I can be tough to handle but once my senses come back to me all is well. I can be like a mother,friend,and sister,being the caring and nurturing type of person,the one to turn to for advice and the person always there for you.I believe that is about it when it comes to the type of person I am.

Hmm,thinking about it now I should tell you why my name on here is what it is.I don't like it when I see someone's name on lj and wonder,what does it mean?why did they choose it?Well I was bored with my old name and I couldn't think of a new one so I asked my boyfriend to come up with something.I told him that I love water,music,the word "faith" and stars.So he came up with faithinthestars .The water or music part isn't in the name ,but that's fine.So that's the story to this name.

A different way to look at my likes and dislikes and more

I believe it is better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all.
Horror movies still scare me and sometimes because of them I believe some killer is hiding either in my closet or on the top bunkbed above me...maybe they'll even get in my house or get on my balcony and open the door and...ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
I believe in ghosts
I sleep with a teddy bear at the age of 18
I am a hopeless romantic
I love music,it's my life,it is in my blood,it's my entertainment
I have made mistakes and I have learned from them
I can be gullible sometimes which says I trust people too easily
I believe in miracles
I think nature can be beautiful in its own special way from the bright green leaves to the moon hiding behind a small group of clouds
I believe anything is possible that is why I want to be a nurse
My favorite season is Spring because of it's cool breezes and my favorite time of the day is night because that is when true beauty shows through the stars.

I have a hard time forgiving those who have wronged me in my past.
I can forgive with much work,but not forget.
I like Avril's lyrics just not her singing and to me she is not punk
I dislike people who think they are invincible
I have difficulty accepting things that are not up to my standards
I don't like music that portrays women as "bitches" "hoes" or sex objects.I also don't like music that is about killing people.
You do not want to get on my bad side...period.
I don't like cheaters in any shape or form.
Sometimes I am a "goody two shoes" but that's what has me alive and breathing.

A creative way to describe me

First breathed life on September 27,1984
According to the stars she is a balanced Libra
Strands of Brown flow from her head
She sees through eyes of dark brown
The sun has kissed her skin leaving a nice tan
She can almost reach the stars at 5 foot 6

Oh and before I forget...

My journal is

I do have a few rules when it comes to my livejournal,you can see those if you check out my friends only entry.

and I had to give credit to my friend who created graphics that I will most likely use in here. SHE ROCKS!!!

Some icons people have made for me fitting to the type of person I am and stuff...

kleinerengel7 created this one for me showing my love for stars and moons:o)kleinerengel also made my friends only icon,just had to give her credit:oD

Okay,I just realized that I don't know who made this icon here for me,but if that person IMs me telling me they made it I will credit them and I have a slight idea as to who.

kawaii_love made this icon for me representing my guy and I.

chickennugget7 made these for me and the first word to come out of Jim's mouth about it were "coooooooool".

I thought this blinkie was cute so angelofsin made it for me:oD

angelofsin also made me this icon.I don't like Care Bears since I have no childhood memories of the show,but I do of my Care Bear teddy bear so I got it to fit me and it has just fine:o)

As usual my love for stars can be noticed,lol thanks to cheerfrog314

xpapertigerx made me this blinkie recently as I saw it in the past entries in her community:oD

Incase you're wondering where I went to get these blinkies here are the communities although they aren't linked to the picture as of yet

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